For the love. For the lyrics.

Love and Lyrics is a music blog dedicated to spreading the best of love, lyrics, artistry, and escapism — with a personal touch and an aim to inspire.

I started Love and Lyrics in hopes of bringing to light the power of music and the power of words simultaneously. I figured there was enough negativity in the world, in our daily news, and even within ourselves so my goal with this site is to remind people that good things exist even if it feels like they don’t. Love songs remind us that love exists. Sad songs show us we’re not alone, and all those songs about perseverance and resilience, well … That’s the point of all this, isn’t it?

If you’re here just because you’re a music lover and want to spend your time praising your favorite artists as much as I do, then you’re in the right spot! Half of my blog is also just about how I identify with some of my favorite songs and how they impact and walk me through my life. You can read more on that in this post here. I thought that if I shared some of my stories, then maybe some other little lonely girl stuck in her bedroom out there might relate, and if that’s you reading this right now then keep your head up, angel. This is for you.

Oh and sometimes I write poetry.

With love, Erica

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Love and lyrics. Lyrics and love.

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Erica Garcia is a writer from Southern California who is very much in love with music, literature, and coffee. She aims to use her writing on Love and Lyrics as a way for her to express when music inspires her the most. When she isn’t living vicariously through a book or at a concert, she is a freelance content creator, a songwriter, and a 2018 CSUF JEVID Scholarship Award recipient.

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For the love. For the lyrics. With love from Erica.