Keep It Sweet In Your Memory

One day,

We’re all going to be a lot older than we are today. We could all go off and have careers and have kids and do tons of insane, amazing, unpredictable things. We’re going to look back on our youths and the songs that have defined them will be yours.

Everything from shouting about the things that make us beautiful to growing into young adults and finding ourselves through the way you dress and through your appreciation for small things like dancing in the kitchen or staring up at the moon. We’re going to be able to look back at the way we grew up and say, “I listened to Harry Styles,” and, “This is the song that helped me.”

Harry, you’re the Sign of our Time.

I couldn’t let today pass by without writing something about one of the most influential people out in the world today. So this isn’t a journalism piece – I have to be honest, I miss when I can just write this casually – but I wanted to make note of this February First because it’s a special one.

It’s the one that follows the release of Harry Styles’ second album Fine Line, that’s now only a little more than a month old. It’s the one that’s taking place just before he and his band embark on his worldwide Love On Tour tour – the one that everyone is anticipating. It’s the one that’s celebrating not only his birthday, but I feel like it’s celebrating all of us.

For so many people in my generation – for many younger fans of not only Harry Styles but also One Direction – every year that passes feels like an accomplishment that comes with songs attached … Life is hard. Let’s acknowledge that, but let’s also acknowledge all the good we had in all those in-between moments. You got yourself a year further, and so did the music you listened to.

Maybe it was Harry’s voice singing, “We will find a way through the dark,”while you struggled to navigate the mess called your teenage years.

Maybe it was when you heard him sing, “Remember everything will be alright,” live for the first time.

Maybe it was when you had finally attended one of his concerts and felt at home when everyone’s rainbow flags went up in the air.

Maybe it was when he repeated, “I’m falling again,” over and over, and even though that was heartbreak and brokenness, you know what – it showed you that you weren’t the only one feeling that way.

His inspiration. His honesty. His confidence. His openness. His acceptance. The quiet way he gives so much. There is a lot about Harry Styles that so many people look at and admire and it influences the way they live out their own lives. Treat people with kindness. It’s a mantra now.

I feel like many celebrities don’t realize the power they have that comes with their status, and if they do many of them tend not to use it in the right way. I feel like Harry knows.

Did you know …
Sunflowers get their energy from the sun, and so they’re always pointed upwards and facing the sky. On cloudy days, when they can’t find the sun – they turn to face each other.

I feel like because of the safe space that Harry Styles has created for his fans, that’s what being a fan of his is like. Turning to people and being there for others even if it’s as simple as a supportive message … That would make Harry the sun then, wouldn’t it? Makes sense.

Happy Birthday, Styles. I run out of ways to thank you every year. It seems like you keep leaving us speechless. Until next time.

Harry Forum Night Two
Harry Styles Live – The Forum, CA – July 14, 2018

Sunflower, Vol. 6 by Harry Styles 2019

Published by Erica Garcia

The fact is that nobody has a clue to what my life was really like. - Stevie Nicks

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