On the ocean, lies blue
and in my heart, there is you,
and in between space and time,
you somehow became
my Only constant.

I feel the wind blowing
indecisive, switching patterns back and forth.
I watch the inconsistent sky
forever changing its settings to every shade of blue
until it turns midnight black.
I hear the water rushing and then
slowly, quietly, stopping,
as if it’s always angry and afraid.

And then I look at you,
and I see my way home.

You breathe and exhale the most peaceful silence.
For a moment, it’s as quiet as you would allow it to be,
and then there is comfort. Only comfort.
You are serenity,
and you are the way it feels to have
rays of warm afternoon light wash over cold, lonely shoulders.
It was almost as if you held me

And then I look at you,
and I see my confidence somehow born out of yours. 

What you created is a naive arrogance in me,
one so bold that I dare to wish for every challenge, for every bad thing
because perhaps we’ve become accustomed to misery, but you have never failed to save me yet
and so, I dare the skies to cry out their pain
louder than they ever have.
I dare the winds to threaten me
like I wouldn’t be able to stay standing.
I dare the waves to push and pull
until the ocean is no longer quiet

And yet, you are the wave.
I am gently pushed to shore.

You remain as far away as possible
and as close to my soul as the beating in my chest.

Everything is still.

I look at you,
and I know my way home.

And where the earth’s surface
and the beginning of the sky appear to collide
sits a golden sunset.
It shines there, bright,
extending warmth across the world,
every time

And then I look at you
and I sketch into my memory
how the sunset shines dull
In your comparison.

January 17, 2020

Published by Erica Garcia

The fact is that nobody has a clue to what my life was really like. - Stevie Nicks

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