Hey, rock lovers. This one’s for you.


I’m back again to write about my band because 5 Seconds of Summer just dropped a new single, and it’s my favorite thing they’ve ever put out.

Considering their overwhelming adoration for rock music, and how much Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and Michael Clifford care about being a great live band, it’s only fitting that they’ve brought their sound to a level as heavy and thrilling as “TEETH.”

To make a long story short, the song fucking rocks. I said before it was released that I would love it, and I’m not right about a lot of things, but I was right about that. It’s just this brilliant vocal over some hardcore bass and flawless production with these powerful lyrics, but I’ll shut up now.

Here’s the video. Have fun.

Everybody say, “THANK YOU, CALUM HOOD.”

Some days, you’re the only thing I know
Only thing that’s burning when the nights grow cold
Can’t look away, can’t look away
Beg you to stay, beg you to stay, yeah
Sometimes, you’re a stranger in my bed
Don’t know if you love me or you want me dead
Push me away, push me away
Then beg me to stay, beg me to stay, yeah

The song opens with a bold bass line, played by Calum Hood, like the legend that he is. The line “Some days,” as the first few words of the song introduce the idea that it’s not every day the singer knows the person they’re looking at, and it’s already a complicated kind of relationship. I also love the later half of the verse with the lines, “Push me away,” because it echoes another version of the complicated love story the band sings about in “Youngblood.” Fun times.

I’m not gonna lie. The toxicity that 5SOS are always writing about in their love songs makes me super sad, but I can’t say I’m not grateful that they turn it into something we can rock out to … So at least we all still have that.


Dear Ashton and Luke,
The line, “Your heart got teeth,” is STUNNING. You could have just said, “Love is hard,” but you didn’t. Thank god. Hope you’re proud of yourselves.

The fact that someone’s heart can have “teeth” hurts, like the thing or the person that you love can hurt you … It’s painful just to even acknowledge it, but thank god 5SOS isn’t afraid to do it.

I don’t know what I love more … The fact that Luke has grown into this amazing vocal god – I can’t imagine trying to perform a song like “Easier,” and then a song like “TEETH,” live on stage every night. The way Calum and his bass guitar literally carry the entire song. How Michael’s visual representation of fear is an endless effort to climbing a ladder that never gets to the top. The way that Ashton just continues to be this incredibly thoughtful and creative songwriter who impresses me every damn time … Or maybe how they actually got Tom Morello to solo through the whole thing.

It’s probably the fact that “TEETH” really, truly sounds like 5 Seconds of Summer. It sounds like the boys who grew up recording videos from their rooms and have always had a huge appreciation for rock music. It sounds like the guys who worked so hard to reinvent their sound and got brave enough to call it their own. That’s “TEETH.” That’s 5SOS, and that’s pretty damn cool.

In the music video, when Calum smashes his bass, I wanted to cry because it should be unbelievable how the thing you love and care for is the thing that’s keeping you tied down when we’re taught that the things and people we love aren’t supposed to do that. It stunned me to see the video and how beautifully they used metaphors and visuals to reflect their fears and demons and the things that hold them back or cut and hurt them like teeth would. The scene at the end where the door finally opens up for Luke in the room that was suffocating him just gave me chills … These guys really think everything through. It proves their artistry so much, and I really love and respect them for doing that.

The song is killer. I’m beyond happy about it. I just needed to share it with you.

Before I go though, I want to mention one more thing. Not a lot of people know this about them, but I want to share it because this … This is also 5SOS.



As much as the boys have this image of being hardcore rock and growing up with the scene and writing these crazy songs with wild melodies, all four of them have hearts of gold. They’re all actually really thoughtful and you can gauge that from how they talk about how much they care about creating their art. That passion and care for their music also seeps into their desire to better communities and artists everywhere, and that’s when you get Friends of Friends.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 10.01.49 PM

5SOS has wanted to put together a charity organization for a really long time, but growing up in the industry as teenagers, obviously, it would take a little time for them to get the credibility to do so. 5 Seconds of Summer is now today – in the words of Michael Clifford – “Still the biggest band no one’s ever heard of.” The world didn’t hear about them until “Youngblood” went #1 on the radio last summer, even though they had already toured the whole planet, wrote and recorded two studio albums, and were breaking records four years prior. In the time in between, they’ve grown and established connections that now give them the ability to do incredible things like speak out about climate change so that people might actually listen or launch their own charities to help the lives of others.

Friends of Friends is 5SOS’s whole initiative to play a helping hand in bringing people of art together and helping communities in need. Whether you want to buy new merchandise or attend a local show organized and produced by 5SOS themselves, the band donates all profits from Friends of Friends sales to regional charities that need the support, from helping homeless youth to funding music programs. You can find ways to support this movement on their site if you feel compelled to help out. I just thought it would be so cool to highlight how they’ve been spending their time lately. I really admire them for doing things like this now that their platform allows them to because I know not everyone who has that kind of influence does … and I honestly think that’s the most rock ‘n’ roll thing they could do.

I really have no idea what happened to the boys from Australia that used to post videos of themselves doing nothing while we were all at the age where we didn’t have to worry about actual things, but what I do know is this … What 5SOS is doing with their platform is pretty awesome. I’m grateful for the fact that I’ve gotten to grow up with them and their music around in my life. I’m grateful I get to see their artistry grow in the way that they’re allowing it to because it feels like this huge kind of honor to be excited about everything new that’s on its way. “TEETH” is amazing, and I cannot wait for their new album. If this is what 5SOS was referring to when they said they had finally found their sound, then I wholeheartedly support it.

5SOS are touring across North America this fall and through winter, and you can get your tickets to see them here! They are a live band. They are the kind of artists who do everything in their power to bring their recorded versions of pop songs to life to put on an incredible live rock show. Don’t be a loser. Go get your tickets.

In response to people back home telling him the band should make a song like ACDC’s “Highway to Hell,” Ashton Irwin laughs and says, “That’s the craziest thing you’ve ever said. We’re never gonna have a song like that.” Right. I get it. Obviously. ACDC is ACDC. “Highway to Hell” is “Highway to Hell.” No one can touch that.

But 5SOS is 5SOS, and “TEETH” is “TEETH.” No one can touch that. You don’t have to sell yourselves so short, okay, Ash?

“TEETH” by 5 Seconds of Summer is available for streaming wherever you get your music! If you’re a fan, let me know what you think of the new single below! Tell your friends. Tell your dog, and have a happy end to your summer. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time.

Photo Credit: Andy DeLuca

Posted by:Erica Garcia

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